Denny Hamlin announced on Friday during his mandatory media session that he is expecting his first child with his longtime (on & off) girlfriend, Jordan Fish. There are no plans to get married right now and the baby is due in January.

Here’s the text from his press conference, just the parts that covered the pregnancy:

Do you have some news to announce today?
“I’ve been excited for a little while. I just want to let everyone know that me and Jordan (Fish) are expecting next January, and excited about that. It’s been a long time coming, so it’s going to be exciting to be a dad.”

What are your thoughts on fatherhood and how were you raised by your dad?
“Hopefully, half of what my dad was would be good. My family has done a lot for me to get to this point obviously, and just all of the sacrifices and all that they’ve gone through. My dad tells me all of the time that some of the best times he had is just carrying me around in his pickup truck every day taking me to work with him and things like that. It’s going to be a great experience and so I’m really excited about it and really just excited to be a part of it. For my parents to have grandkids is all going to be good. Everything works great, things happen and we’re excited about the timing. It’s going to be in January, so it’s the off-season so all of that seems to be aligning perfectly for us. My parents and all live a mile or two down the road, so they’re going to get to visit all of the time. It’s going to be a great time over these next six month s to a year.”

Have you set a wedding date?
“Especially now that all of this is going on and you want to be patient and everything. I am 31, so I consider myself pretty patient if I haven’t been married yet. There’s no reason to rush into it right now especially with everything that is going on. We’ve obviously got a busy six months ahead of us.”

Are you more prepared after seeing so many drivers become fathers recently?
“We’re all drinking the same water. Prepared — I’m going to learn as I go. I’m going to have the training wheels on at the start, but I’m sure now I’m going to get all the advice I can handle, but I’m going to just lean on my parents. I turned out just fine — other than my head is all messed up sometimes.”