All sixteen drivers competing in the Chase for the Sprint Cup Series Championship were dispatched across the North American continent to spread the word about some sport called NASCAR, this happening was officially titled “Chase Across North America.” Each driver went to a different location and I have compiled the best photos from each stop. I’ve decided that AJ Allmendinger had the best gig because he got to decorate cookies. That’s the way I’d like to spend my afternoon. 🙂

Some random things:

1.) It’s funny that they paired the legendary Dick Vitale, a noted gregarious person, with Kasey Kahne, a noted not as gregarious person.

2.) I wish I could show you all of the photos of Carl Edwards in Mexico because it’s literally just a bunch of shots of him in front of things with his arms stretched wide open. Sometimes he’d just do one arm.

3.) I love Ashley Judd.

4.) When did Jimmie Johnson forget how to smile?

5.) There were no photos of Dale Earnhardt Jr., so I’ve posted the video of him on Jimmy Kimmel Live (above).