A while back I wrote that I didn’t think that the barrage of advertising messages that are thrown at me every second that I watch NASCAR affected my shopping decisions.

I’ve had to take that back. I was at Home Depot (#20 Tony Stewart) last weekend with my mom, she was buying a new refrigerator and a washer & dryer. We walked by the power tools section and I realized that if I suddenly had to buy a new power screwdriver I’d probably go for one from the DeWalt line. Why? Because DeWalt sponsors the #17 Matt Kenseth team. Even though Kenseth isn’t my favorite driver I know that DeWalt supports NASCAR which makes them good guys in my eyes.

The same goes for VitaminWater, they’re one of many sponsors for Kasey Kahne, and Little Debbie, the sponsor for Ken Schrader’s #21 car, who doesn’t love those Nutty Bars?

I’m a buyer of Tylenol in general for all of my pain medication needs, but when I saw the new Team Tylenol commercials touting the new Rapid Release Gels that were being hawked by none other than Dale Jr., Elliott Sadler, Dale Jarett, Matt Kenseth, Jimmie Johnson, Kevin Harvick and Jeff Gordon, I had to try ’em out. They are fast.

I still despise beer in general, but if I have to buy it for a party I’m throwing I’ll always go for Budweiser. I’d be ashamed to give money to Miller Lite and you know who.

Now there are some grey areas. For example, UPS (#88 Dale Jarrett) vs. FedEx (#11 Denny Hamlin). I like them both equally, so it’s a toss up as to which shipping service I’d use on any given day. The bigger point is that I’d use one of those before using some nobody like DHL.

So yes, I can be swayed by an advertiser’s involvement in NASCAR but it’s not absolute. It’s just one of those things that sits in the back of your mind until you’re about to make a purchase, and then you use it as another tool in making your decision.

I think about this stuff way too much… But that’s why I have a blog.