So, I’ve decided that I want Liev Schreiber, the awesome writer/director/actor that did the voiceover for the 24/7 Jimmie Johnson: Race to Daytona series, to narrate my life. It’d be awesome, just imagine this: “Valli stopped by Starbucks for her usual — a Grande Cinnamon Dolce Latte — on her way to work, as she does everyday. The cordial staff has her drink ready by the time it’s her turn at the counter.” It’d be riveting stuff.

Did you see the second episode where Chad Knaus cooks dinner for himself? I think he was making pasta or something. Anyway, my eyes nearly bugged out of my head when I saw that he has a faucet over his STOVE! I need that kitchen. That was so cool.

I’m sad the series has come to an end. I wish they were with Jimmie, Chad and the rest of the 48 team for the rest of the season. It’d be fun. They could of videotaped Chandra giving birth! Missed opportunities, people.


In other news…

— I’ve decided that David Reutimann looks like Dax Shepard’s long lost brother. Dax is an actor that got his “big break” by playing pranks on people in the first season of Ashton Kutcher’s series Punk’d. Now he does movies. What do you think??

Comparing David Reutimann to Dax Shepard
David Reutimann (left) and Dax Shepard (right)

— A Gillette 500 update! Team Denny Hamlin / Kasey Kahne are in second place. This is not good people, we need to be number one!!! So sign up and log your shaves. And if you’ve already signed up, continue to log your shaves! You gotta do it every day. By doing it EVERY DAY you increase your chances of winning a hometown visit by one of the guys! Shave your underarms, legs, whatever! Goooo Team Densey!!!

Also, since you’re here, check out Kasey and Denny in the “Book Club Crashers” commercial. It made me snort-laugh, which is saying something.