Seriously, I have. There a bunch of things that I’ve meaning to write about but I just haven’t gotten around to it yet. So, in the meantime, I’m going to list some of the things that have been rattling around in my head and then one day (soon) I’ll write in length about said subjects.

— I had a dream last night where I met a guy who was mentally Clint Bowyer but was physically soccer star (or football star if you’re from outside the U.S.) David Beckham. I have no idea what that means, if anything, but I just wanted to share.

— I was in Las Vegas this past weekend helping my sister celebrate her birthday. It was the same weekend that there was a big boxing match (between welterweights Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Carlos Baldomir) and a bull-riding competition (Sean Willingham is hot). So there was this interesting mix of cowboys and celebrities (ok, ok, so I only saw Charles Barkley and Jim Lampley).

— While leaving Las Vegas I happened upon the Budweiser Racing Track Bar & Grill inside McCarran airport of all places! There was a huge photo of Dale Jr. in one of the displays in front and of course I snapped a photo of my own. I wanted to stay and get food there, but we had to rush to get through the security checkpoint. Lame.

— I received a lovely email from woman who reads my blog. It’s great to know that people read my stuff and actually like it! 🙂 Imagine that. But I totally appreciate it, more than you know. Here’s the letter from Cindi:

I’m not too much of a commenter on your site but I do enjoy it immensely and would like to tell you why I like Jr. so much.

First, Tony Stewart is the driver I cheer on, and Jr. was actually looked upon as a son. He still is. But since he made the Chase, and Tony didn’t, it has become so much fun to cheer on Jr. as I did his father. You see, I stopped watching races after his daddy crashed into the wall. I’m from Florida and I was devastated. I always kept one eye out on Jr. with thoughts and prayers but would not sit down and watch a race.

Then one day as I was walking through my living room to the kitchen, a race was on. I picked up the remote control to change the channel, but this bright orange car passing cars left and right caught my eye. I stood there staring for a moment, and then sat down and watched the first race in more than five years. I will always be grateful to Tony Stewart for bringing me back into racing, and I love Jr. and Smoke both. I found out that you CAN really care for people who you haven’t met, and that you can easily cheer on more than one driver. And since I am old enough to be their mother, there isn’t that “hunky” thing going. They are both men of good character, who show their kindness in many ways. I love racing, I always have. I just now have learned to not only love it, but live with it as well.