Here’s more from my email interview with book author Pamela Britton:

ME: Why do you think it took so long for a publisher to hook on to the idea of a romance set within the racing world? NASCAR is, after all, the fastest growing spectator sport in the country.

PAMELA: When I was pitching the idea to New York, I remember hearing, “NASCAR? What’s NASCAR?” from my many editors. It’s only been since the turn of the century that NASCAR suddenly became a household name. I remember back in the early 90s I’d come back from a NASCAR race and people would go, “What were you doing? A what-kind-of race?” So I think the answer to your question is simply that the tide turned. Suddenly, NASCAR was everywhere. In the streets of downtown NY. Drivers appearing on night-time television. Talk show hosts chatting the sport up. NY sat up and took notice…finally.

ME: Do you think that maybe people were underestimating racings female fans?

PAMELA: Well, I certainly don’t think NASCAR’s ever underestimated it’s female race fans. They were so excited when I originally approached them about my books. They’d been LOOKING for something to do for their female fans. I do believe, however, that men have a tendency to underestimate the female race fan. Whenever you read a snide comment about my books, it usually comes from a man. I have to shake my head because they just don’t get it. Women love the sport as much as them, and women like to read romance novels — ‘nough said. 🙂