Now that I commute to the City (aka San Francisco) everyday on BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit, for those of you not in No. Calif. that’s our version of the Subway system in New York, ours is waay better btw) I make sure that I have a book to read during the ride.

This week’s BART book was “On The Edge” by Pamela Britton. I’ve written about Pamela before, even did a mini email interview with her last year, talking about how much I enjoyed her first book in the new Harlequin/NASCAR partnership called “In The Groove.”

These books are romance novels set in the world of NASCAR racing. Being a woman, a single woman at that, reading these books is so much fun for me. There are never any bodice-ripping sex passages but there are enough details to make me grin a little while pouring over the books on BART.

You could say the books are a “guilty pleasure” but there’s nothing to really feel guilty about. Pamela writes with clarity and attention to detail. She’s done her homework on the mechanics of racing so you’re also learning about the sport as well as whatever romantic entanglements the characters find themselves in.

So for whatever its worth — and that’s a lot — I give “On The Edge” two thumbs up!