First let me apologize for being so slow on the draw with these entries. Work is work and there’s been a lot of it lately. Mix that in with a couple days off and you’ve got a recipe for a backlog of work to be done.

Anywhoo… There’s been something burning in my brain ever since last weekend’s NASCAR race at New Hampshire. In a previous post I mentioned the fact that I have a healthy distaste for the Busch brothers. The annoyance I feel for Kyle in particular has only grown since his lame comments after winning the race on Sunday.

Ok. Here’s the thing, Kyle wins the race and you’d think the freak would be so happy that he wouldn’t have anything on the planet to complain about considering the fact that winning races is supposedly the only thing that matters (aside from winning the championship of course).

But no, people, no, Kyle managed to find something to whine about. Apparently he’s not getting enough attention from the media. When he was talking to Allen Bestwick in the winners circle at the very end of the interview he says something to effect of “I guess I have to win in order to get any time on TV.” Bestwick had a great comeback that unfortunately I can’t remember right now.

The point is Kyle is a total tool! Why does he always have to get some little jab in there? I’m sure that really makes the networks want to talk to his conceited, big head. Wasn’t he on Oprah? Isn’t that enough? Jeez.