I haven’t missed a Fontana race in 5 years, so it really sucked when I realized I wouldn’t be able to go this year. All the action & drama that happened on Sunday made it that much worse, but then again there’s no guarantee that it would have happened had I gone so I’m using that to make me feel better about the whole thing.

Anyway, the super bright spot was that my friend Heather from the O.C. went as a representative of The Fast and the Fabulous and she took a bunch of awesome photos. She’s always able to get the drivers to smile! So make sure you’re reading this post on the ‘Fabulous’ site otherwise you won’t get to see the awesome photo gallery.

Here are my random thoughts about Sunday’s events:

Tony Stewart is a truly creative man. I loved how he was able to use such a wide variety of curse words in his post-race interview with FOX. I also found it funny that even though they bleeped all of them I knew exactly what he said. 🙂

Joey Logano didn’t do anything wrong. Denny Hamlin didn’t do anything wrong. They were racing and they put on a show and I love them for it.

— I’m glad Denny Hamlin is OK in the overall sense, but definitely also hope that the compression fracture in his lower back doesn’t hinder his long-term career.

— The racing at Fontana just keeps getting better. The finish on Sunday was right up there with the one from a couple years ago when Kevin Harvick beat Jimmie Johnson for the win. I give that one extra points because I was right there watching it from pit road, so it seemed even MORE amazing.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. is leading the points standings in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series. Hell yes. 🙂