I was watching Kasey Kahne in victory lane at Bristol on Sunday. I listened to him talk and I couldn’t help but feel like something was different about him. He seems more manly. I’m not saying that he wasn’t manly before but he seemed more… something.

Confident, maybe? Assertive? It made him seem even more attractive to me. I know, you’d think that wouldn’t be possible for the guy that’s won the Hottest Driver Tournament for the past two years but apparently it is!

While I loved Denny Hamlin walking out to “Big Poppa” with his itty bitty baby daughter, Taylor strapped to his chest — she’s such a cutie — I wasn’t ask thrilled with his incident with Joey Logano during the race. I guess I’m not on anyone’s side I just thought the back & forth between the two on Twitter was weird. Not bad or silly, just weird. Why not just talk about it in person? Why didn’t Denny just get out of his car and talk about it with Joey? It’s weird especially since they used to be teammates.

Although, is it really? I have co-workers I’d rather not talk to and we’re all on the same side in terms of a “team” but still if I left and we had a argument I probably wouldn’t be calling them to work it out. So maybe I do get it after all, even if I think it’s strange to be sending silly high school-style messages over Twitter.

In other news…

So it turns out that I’m NOT going to Auto Club Speedway this week like I’d planned. It sucks big time, but there’s just nothing I can do about it. Que sera, sera!