It seriously pains me to say this, er type this, but I’m not attending this year’s NASCAR Champion’s Week and Awards Ceremony in Las Vegas. I simply can’t afford it. I could go but then I’d have to not pay rent, or at least not pay all of it and I’ve heard that my landlord frowns on that kind of thing. So I’m stuck not going to one of my favorite events of the year.

UNLESS, of course, I can find sponsorship before November 28th rolls around, which is just a few weeks away. I’ve got my dress for the awards banquet sorted out, so really it’s only money for a hotel room, gas for driving from the San Francisco Bay Area to Vegas, and food that I need to cover. So if there are any generous souls or companies out there that LOVE The Fast and the Fabulous and want to see me cover the Champion’s Week festivities with my usual candor and humor — oh! and more importantly see me finally give Kasey Kahne his Hottest NASCAR Driver of 2012 award — then email me and let’s do this! I can help you, through promotion of whatever it is you do or sell, if you can help me make this trip.

As always, I really appreciate everyone who reads this blog. You guys are awesome and one day I won’t have to write posts like this, one day I’ll be doing this thing full-time. 🙂