So we’re really doing this? I can’t express to you how incredibly boring and soul crushing it is when Jimmie Johnson wins AND continues to lead the points in the Chase. It’s so irritating. And there’s something about Jimmie these days that’s off-putting. I don’t get a good sense from him that any of this means anything to him. I know, logically, that it does but if he did win this thing for the sixth friggin’ time would he be that emotional? I know that it’s not easy to win a Championship, but if you’ve done it 5 times already (in a row!), I think you’ve probably achieved a certain level of desensitization from the thrill of it. So that’s why I’d love it if all of the other drivers in the Chase could please just. stop. him. It takes a village, you guys!!

The end of yesterday’s race at Texas was great because of Brad Kesolwski getting into Jimmie on that second to last caution. I loved that, but I didn’t love that caution that came next. Ugh!!

P.S. — There’s a Ron Malec photo in the gallery! hehe. 🙂

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