Jimmie Johnson and his wife, Chandra, have published a book about their life away from the track called “On the Road.” The book is available for purchase through Jimmie’s official website.

And starting October 13th through October 20th images from the book, taken by professional photographer Missy McLamb, will be on display at the Hart Witzen Gallery in Charlotte, NC. More information on the showing can be found at ontheroadstudio.com.

The book reveals lifestyle photographer Missy McLamb’s unprecedented access to all aspects of the Johnsons’ lives, from the frustrations of ending his record-breaking winning streak to the joys of fatherhood with then 1-year-old daughter Genevieve. NASCAR’s 10-week playoff known as the Chase serves as the backdrop for this first-hand account of the emotional toll running for a championship takes on Johnson, his family and team.

“I don’t think many people realize just how consuming and stressful the Chase can be,” said Chandra Johnson, who helped spearhead the project. “Most fans know what happens on the racetrack. This was a unique way for us to show what happens behind the scenes.”

The book was self-published by the Johnsons and packaged for publication by designer Mark Pollard. Pollard’s history of book design includes editions with Stephen King, Roy Rodgers and The Pace Gallery. He is an award winning designer for the film industry and has worked with such renowned directors as Wes Anderson, Darren Aronofsky, Jim Jarmusch and Todd Haynes, whose mini-series, Mildred Pierce, was the 2011 Creative Arts Emmy winner.

“This really was a passion project for Chani and me,” said Johnson, who begins his quest for a sixth NASCAR Sprint Cup Series championship at Chicagoland Speedway this Friday. “Missy (McLamb) had unlimited access to our family as well as the team. She did a wonderful job of capturing the emotional roller coaster that is the Chase. It’s a perspective that fans typically don’t get to see.”

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