You know the movie, “Showgirls”, right??? It’s a totally CLASSIC film from 90s staring Elizabeth Berkley (of Saved By The Bell fame). OK, so it’s not a classically good movie, it’s more like classically horrible which is why I love it so very much. It cracks me up each and every time I watch it.

So there’s a scene in the film where Nomi (Berkley’s character), a former stripper, has been hired to join a legit Las Vegas show and she learns the ropes which apparently includes lots of pelvic thrusts and ONLY eating brown rice and vegetables.

It turns out that Jimmie Johnson has the same diet! Ha! During this week’s NASCAR teleconference someone asked about his eating habits:

Q. I’d like to know what do you prefer to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and I’m talking about a typical day at home, not at the track.

JIMMIE JOHNSON: Probably breakfast burritos in the morning. That’s a pretty regular deal for me. Then it’s really just chicken, fish, a bunch of steamed vegetables throughout the day. Good carbs from brown rice to sweet potatoes, things like that. I’ve been pretty focused on the diet side lately.

If I’m home and in control, that’s kind of the lineup. But on the road, it changes dramatically. I’ve been out for dinner a few nights since we’ve been here in California so the wheels have shot off since I’ve been on the road.

Okay, so it’s only very similar, but still. It’s funny. 🙂