emily_donovanJoe Donovan is a NASCAR fan who goes all out for the race weekends at Pocono. Twice a year he hosts a huge party in the infield that is free to fans to attend and he pays for it all himself. He just does it because he loves NASCAR and he loves the NASCAR community.

Now Joe is counting on the NASCAR community to come through for his daughter, Emily.

Emily is two-years-old and was diagnosed with brain cancer last year. Because of her age, she’s the youngest known case of this particular form of brain cancer, her doctors have her on an aggressive therapy to give her a fighting chance.

In order to help pay her hospital expenses Joe and some friends have organized a golf tournament in Emily’s honor to be held on October 24, 2009 at the Tall Pines Players Club in Friendsville, PA. The GOLF FOR EMILY tournament will be in a captain & crew format with teams of four.

In addition to the golfing, dinner will be provided afterward with a dance to follow at a location still to be determined.

When Mackena Bell Motorsports, Mackena Bell is a driver in the Drive for Diversity program, heard about Emily they immediately stepped up and donated money to the event, and you can too.

Whether your company is interested in sponsoring the event or if you’re an individual interested in getting involved — whether it’s sending in a donation, or volunteering at the event or to play the tournament — contact Penny Hawley at 570-278-2626 or 570-278-0746.

I know the Donovan family would appreciate any support you can extend.