Photo Credit: Todd Warshaw/Getty Images for NASCARThis whole Red Sox-Yankees game rain delay situation is pissing me off even more now than it did on Saturday. Why? Because people are trying to make it seem like us race fans shouldn’t be mad because Fox Sports was “trying” to keep everybody happy. I don’t care, the situation was obvious and simple to resolve. And for the record this has nothing to do with liking or not liking baseball, so people should take that out of the equation. The game had been on a rain delay for 2 hours! They had 2 hours to move the game over to FX and continue coverage from there. Sorry Fox Sports, you’re not getting a mulligan from me on this one, you f’ed up and that’s the bottom line.

To add insult to injury Dale Earnhardt Jr. didn’t win the race, and while I’m happy for Hendrick Motorsports getting their first win of the season with Jimmie Johnson, it’s still lame. For me seeing Johnson win is one of the most boring things to watch. If anyone had any doubts that Jimmie would win a race this season they had to be on something because you knew it would happen it was just a matter of when and I’m sure it’ll happen again. I don’t dislike Jimmie at all. I think he’s a nice guy and a great driver (and I do love that Lowe’s commercial where he fixes everything in sight) but I personally don’t get excited when he or Jeff Gordon wins. They’ve done so much of it I want to see someone else and I’m not talking about just Dale Jr. If the guys from Yates Racing could pull something out that’d be total insanity and I’d love it. Or if Clint Bowyer and Casey Mears could make another appearance in Victory Lane I’d be ecstatic.

In other housekeeping news…

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