It’s 5:35PM PST and I’m watching a baseball game? This is very wrong and I’m pissed. I could give a rat’s ass about the Red Sox and the Yankees right now. I’m tuning in for NASCAR, not this crap. The baseball game had a rain delay and they ran over the allotted time for the game, that’s great move it on over to FX. Why the hell are they still showing it on Fox???

If this was a NASCAR race and we were in a rain delay you know they would of moved everybody over to FX already, none of this, “oh the rain’s stopped so lets show you the rest of the game even though it’s interfering with our other scheduled live event.” Jeez!

They keep saying that they’ll get us to the green flag, but that doesn’t work for me, I wanted the whole pre-show. This just doesn’t make any sense and I’m sincerely annoyed. Grr!