Seriously, where? I don’t know. I had like 4 days off from “work” and I’m not quite sure what I did with those days exactly. You really can never get enough sleep. I’m already dreading waking up tomorrow morning.

🙂 Anyway… I wanted to pass on some sort of racing-related stuff and something that has absolutely nothing to do with racing at all.

First — Take a minute and sign this petition to help save a dog named Buckshot. He’s being abused by his owners in South Carolina and he needs your help to get him out of the very sick and twisted household he lives in. I was alerted to Buckshot’s plight by Ryan Newman’s PR rep — Ryan and his wife Krissie are known for their involvement in helping rescue animals.

Second — I also manage the fan site and I have the awesome opportunity to help give away tickets to the Dave Barnes & Matt Wertz “Two Birds / One Stone” tour that’s going on right now. I’ve been meaning to write about how much I’m obsessed with Matt Wertz right now. I urge you to check out his CD “Twentythree Places” and the song “Everything’s Right.” His voice is awesome and if you love (or even just like) John Mayer you’re going to dig Matt and Dave.

Check out Dave’s music on his myspace page and then check out the tour dates, you could win two tickets to one of the upcoming shows!

NASCAR Nationwide Series Logo Unveiled Today!Third — NASCAR unveiled the new NASCAR Nationwide Series logo. I just think that this series needs it’s own name, like the current Nextel Cup Series, has “cup” — Nationwide needs something like “bucket” … yea that’s it! The NASCAR Nationwide Bucket Series. That way you’d have something to differentiate the two series even if there’s no sponsor involved.