Why thank you Greg Biffle for speaking out about the Michael Vick case. It brings it into the world of NASCAR so that I may put in my two cents on this insanity. I just think it’s sad that someone with Vick’s talent has wasted it on something so stupid. I can’t believe he’d do this to innocent animals, no wait, I can believe he could do this to innocent animals, but it doesn’t make it ok in the least bit. I just think it’s a complete waste in every way.

The one thing I want to say though is that his behavior off the field has nothing to do with his QB career, and I don’t think it reflects negatively on the NFL. The only thing that would shine a negative light on the NFL is if they fail to act. It frustrates me as a sports fan to see things that have nothing to do with the sport at its core interfere with its reputation.

Ugh. Anyway, I hope we can all move on from the dog killers & cheating scandals and get back to just pure unfooled-around-with competition.