Aric Almirola is credited with winning the Busch Series’ AT&T 250 at Milwaukee this past weekend, but it was Denny Hamlin that finished the race for him. Denny was originally supposed to be in the car but got to the race late and jumped in after Aric qualified the car and started the race on the pole.

I don’t care what the reasoning was for it, it’s just wrong. Especially when you know that whomever starts the race is credited for the race in the end, no matter who finishes it. So it’s not a win for Denny Hamlin anyway.

I just feel bad for Aric, this was his chance to stand out and make a name for himself, but he was forced to step aside by his own car owner, in favor of the bigger name driver.

I hope he’ll get the chance to really win a race this year.

Hamlin gets unofficial Milwaukee victory [Fox Sports on MSN]