We’ve made it to the finals and we have a very surprising match-up! Or is it? The Dogecoin community appears to be 100% behind Josh Wise, so we’ll have to see if David Ragan has any hope of putting up a fight against him.

Here are the official results of Round Five of the 2014 Hottest NASCAR Driver Tournament:

  • Josh Wise (83%) beat Tony Stewart (17%)
  • David Ragan (60%) beat Kasey Kahne (40%)

You have until Saturday, October 4, 2014 at 11:30pm PST to get all of your votes in for this round. The results will be posted on Sunday, October 5th.

UPDATE: It’s over! Find out who won.


Download the updated 2014 Hottest NASCAR Driver Tournament brackets [.pdf]

Josh Wise

David Ragan

Josh Wise Versus David Ragan