Be honest! Because I’m going to be honest with you and say that I really don’t understand the point of it given the fact that the same drivers are racing every week. Soooo, what’s really unique about this? It matters in football (although I never watch the Pro Bowl), basketball, and baseball because those leagues have a ton of teams with a ton of players who don’t always, or ever, face each other in the regular season. But in NASCAR they literally see each other every week. So who cares? I know the TV commentators like to say it’s about the bragging rights and the money, but even to that I say, WHO CARES?! You think Dale Jr. (or Jimmie, or Kevin, or Denny, or Kasey, or Kyle, or Tony…) needs a million dollars? And the teams that would actually need that money aren’t going to be in position to win it, most likely. I do like the pit crew challenges and the burn out contest but I feel like you could sprinkle those in at other times & places throughout the season.

Sooo tell me what the point is. 🙂