I think I might have mentioned at one point or another that I was working on a plan/idea to make this blog bigger & better. Well, I’m finally ready to tell you about it! If you’ve never heard of Kickstarter, here’s the deal. They allow you to raise money for your creative endeavor, whether that’s writing a book or creating a feature film. You create your project, set your goal and then allow backers to pledge money towards your goal. If you reach your goal by your funding deadline, everyone’s cards are charged and you get to make your project happen. If the goal isn’t reached, no one is charged anything and everyone goes home.

I always thought it would be really fun & interesting to do interviews with NASCAR drivers, wives & girlfriends, pit crew members, media and other personalities within the NASCAR community. I didn’t want to do the usual sit down interview talking about their career and their hopes for making The Chase. I want to have conversations in casual, unstructured environments and talk about anything that happens to come up. Just the way you do when you talk to a friend or co-worker. I think this is a great way to bring the spirit of The Fast and the Fabulous to life on film.

So the plan, after the project is successfully funded(!), is for me to begin attending all races on the Sprint Cup Series schedule (over 20) starting in June and write the blog as usual, writing about my experiences at the track, while also filming the interviews. I’ll continue on through the end of the season and work with a professional production crew to film and to edit the final product that will be a series of at least six 30-minute episodes. If you back the project, you’ll be able to download and view the entire series in February 2015.

There are various pledge levels that afford you certain rewards in exchange for your support (including a ‘Fabulous’ lanyard and ‘Fabulous’ tote bag). You can give to the project without selecting a reward, but there’s one in particular that I’m extra excited about. I’ve always wanted to meet the people that read my blog and I love a party. So I’m going to host ‘Fabulous’ Parties during select race weekends (Atlanta, Texas, Indianapolis & Charlotte). They’ll take place at to be determined locations and will feature food, cocktails and cupcakes. Seriously, what is a party without cupcakes? I’ll get to meet you and you’ll also have the chance to be in the webseries!

So PLEASE take a look at the video above, it’s from me!, and go to the The Fast and the Fabulous webseries Kickstarter page to make your pledge today! The campaign ends on May 4th, so we have less than 25 days to go to make the goal of $150,000!

Let’s do this! Please share on Facebook and Twitter! 🙂