So I just realized that I didn’t write about Phoenix. Whoops! Kevin Harvick totally dominated that race, but there are probably two reasons why I didn’t post anything. 1.) Harvick’s son Keelan wasn’t there to celebrate in victory lane, so it’s not nearly as fun 2) Work is crazy, but you know that because your work is crazy too.

Anyway, Las Vegas was kinda sad. I knew Dale Earnhardt Jr. was going to run out of gas and that must be the worst feeling ever. You’re freaking leading and you’re on the LAST LAP and then proof! There goes your win.

But congratulations to Brad Keselowski for walking away with it. I joked on Twitter during the Daytona 500 rain delay that Brad hasn’t been tweeting as much lately because he has a girlfriend and I would just like to say that I still think that’s the case. 🙂 Ha! Her name is Paige White, in case you were wondering.

And let’s all thank the universe that Getty Images has a new free embed feature so that I can share photos of the happy couple in victory lane with you. 🙂

I’m including this photo because it’s funny. 🙂