Here’s a random list of things I’ve been thinking about NASCAR this week:

1) What’s up with people being pissed off at Tony Stewart for breaking his leg? Really?? Are you on crack? It’s HIS leg and it’s HIS prerogative to do extra racing on the side. Calm down. Also, I’m pretty sure he’s not thrilled about it either. I wish him the speediest of recoveries. You know this is the WORST thing for him to have to sit out when racing is obviously everything to him. It’s all he does. Remember when he was talking to some reporter (can’t remember which race this was) and because of that other accident that happened at a dirt track he had to sit out some race and he couldn’t figure out what he was going to do with that extra time?? He needs a new non-racing related hobby. He should learn to crochet. It’s relaxing.

2) I had a dream about Tony on Monday night. I didn’t know about the accident when I went to sleep and I hadn’t thought about him at all that day so it’s weird. I don’t remember what happened, just that we were at some lodge or something and it was at night. What does that mean?

3) Kasey Kahne won at Pocono and that was great. He’s still adorable. Do you think he hates being called adorable?

4) Denny Hamlin cannot catch a break. What the heck? I mean, really. Here’s what Denny should do since his racing life isn’t going to so wonderfully. He should propose to his girlfriend, Jordan Fish and start planning their wedding. That would be a wonderful distraction. And they should invite me. I love weddings. 🙂

5) Cale Gale and his wife, Jennifer, welcomed a baby boy, Camber Kelly Gale, in to the world on Sunday. Congratulations Jennifer & Cale! 🙂

(all photos credit: Getty Images for NASCAR)