You know me, I hone in on the IMPORTANT news. 🙂 While Brian Vickers was in victory lane celebrating his win at New Hampshire Motor Speedway today he dropped the news that he’d gotten engaged to his girlfriend, Sarah Kensington. I have no idea when the engagement occurred but he’s officially off the market, ladies.

I’m super happy for Brian and his team, it’s a much deserved win after everything he’s been through the past few years with Red Bull dissolving it’s NASCAR teams and his blood clot problem. I’m glad he’s back and has a ride with Michael Waltrip Racing.

The race was pretty good overall, I enjoyed all of the anger that caused people to wreck other people. That’s always a recipe for a fun race.

Oh, another thing about Michael Waltrip Racing, what’s up with the “MWR Girls”?? Like, what’s the point of that? What team needs a group of models at the track with them? (The answer is none, by the way) I don’t get it.

The one thing I’m going to miss the MOST about TNT’s coverage will be the behind-the-scenes All Access segment. It’s so great and even the piece they did about Matt Kenseth and his hometown was really nice. I hope ESPN/ABC makes content like that.