Fill in the blank! 🙂

For me, I just yawn and move on. So the things that I’ve been thinking about since Sunday’s race have nothing to do with what happened in the race really. I was excited about the TNT broadcast. I feel like they give more valuable content than FOX, so much so that I don’t fast forward through the majority of the pre-race show. But I have to say that they need to figure out their volume issue when it comes to the announcers in the booth versus the sound of the cars on the track. It felt like they were competing the entire time which made it really hard to concentrate on what they were saying. And I HATED the ticker at the top of the screen with the permanent ad at the top, it takes up way too much of the screen.

I’m BEYOND excited for Sonoma in a couple weeks! Who’s going??? I’m SO excited about going to my first friggin’ race of the year that I might actually run up to Kasey Kahne and hug him. Then I’ll get kicked out and it’ll be terrible, but so worth it for the content. 🙂

Also, I found new photos from Trevor Bayne’s wedding today and I added them to my original post, check ’em out.