Matt Kenseth is a great race car driver and it’s cool that he won, and as my mom said when I told her that, “well it’s nice that someone different won,” I couldn’t disagree with her. It’s true, but why I am not super excited when Matt Kenseth wins? I have no idea. It’s not personal.

Before anyone decides to get annoyed with me, let me say that I understand how wonderful it is he was able to win with his new team and organization. I get it, it bodes well for him. I congratulate him and the No. 20 Dollar General team.

However, isn’t it super sad that Kasey Kahne led the most laps and still lost? Dude, that sucks.

Can I just say how annoying it was that Denny Hamlin received that fine from NASCAR for saying something that wasn’t that big of a deal? No one even talked about his comments after he said them, no one was giving it a second thought. So NASCAR made a big deal out of nothing.

I also thought that it was really annoying that none of the other drivers seemed to stick up for him. Not overtly, at least. I wasn’t expecting anyone to bag on the Gen 6 car too, or repeat the things that Denny said, but I found it odd that they weren’t sticking up for him on the principal of the matter. They didn’t have to agree with what he said to find it ridiculous that NASCAR would fine someone (without even talking to him about it first) for being honest.

Although, of the driver’s press conferences that I read on Friday, Jeff Gordon seemed to be on both sides, but maybe more Denny:

“Maybe it’s just me, but certainly this thing has blown up after yesterday and has drawn a lot more attention to it than I think had there not been a fine. I don’t know if that really justified a fine in my opinion. I don’t think it was right the things that Denny (Hamlin) said and how he went about it. It probably needed to be handled in some way. I just feel like I wouldn’t be getting asked these questions had they went and just talked to him about it.”

At this point, after a race if you’re pissed off or frustrated — on ANY level or for ANY reason — you just shouldn’t talk to the media at all. It would definitely make the post-race shows a lot shorter. But that’s my favorite part of the race broadcast so I’d rather they talk it out on pit road on TV. 🙂

I’m glad Denny is sticking to his guns and not paying that stupid fine.