Jamie McMurray and his wife, Christy, welcomed their second child into the world on Monday. Their daughter Hazel joins her older brother, Carter, who turns 3-years-old this year.

Jamie spoke about his daughter’s birth at Media Day in Daytona yesterday:

“So, yeah my wife just had our second child and had a little girl this time. Our first child was a little boy. A little girl is much different. I have compared notes with other dads that have had a boy then a girl. It is a different experience. But both, Hazel is her name, Hazel and Carter are doing very well. This was a much easier experience than the last time. We’ve really enjoyed it. I was very thankful. They weren’t supposed to get to come home until today and I was really upset that I wasn’t going to be able to be the one to go pick them up. That’s a big moment as a dad, to get to wheel your wife down in a wheelchair with the baby and pick them up. I really enjoyed that last time, so I was upset that I wasn’t going to get to do it but they let her come home a day early so I got to have that moment. That was good. Last night was an experience for sure, but I have a really good wife who kind of takes that whole responsibility on. So it was nice.”

“I forgot how special it was to be in the delivery room. The part that you forget from my take is that you watch your wife carry this baby around for 10 months, and you talk about it and when that moment comes and you get to see the baby. Even though we have crazy technology that will give you a nice ultrasound, until you actually see it you don’t know. You don’t know that all the fingers and toes are going to be there. The first time you hear your baby cry, its immediate eyes water for both of you. It’s a moment that I wish everyone got to experience.”

“That you can love something unconditionally and it can test you and make you mad and you get frustrated and then you can immediately forgive it and love it. That’s something that people tell you. You hear it and people tell you stories. Everything that everyone tells you is true. It’s also very fascinating to me that I had my daughter on Monday at 11:52 and you’re in love immediately. It’s like immediate.”