I don’t know if you heard but there was a little incident at Phoenix International Raceway yesterday. It was so small that it caused #NASCAR to be a trend nationally on Twitter and for The Today Show to mention it this morning. Just a bunch of dudes getting in to a fist fight in the garage that’s all.

Ahh, that was so amazing. When we saw the No. 15 5-Hour Energy/Michael Waltrip Racing crew guys run up to Jeff Gordon and take swings at him I was, like, “WHAA???” and then I was, like, “WHY ARE THERE NOT BETTER CAMERA ANGLES ON THIS RIGHT NOW?!?” Because I’m nosey and I want to see what’s happening out there.

What Jeff Gordon did wasn’t new for NASCAR, retaliating against Clint Bowyer who he felt has been “running over” him all year, but the timing wasn’t so good because Clint was still technically in the running for the Sprint Cup Championship. So that pissed off the No. 15 crew big time which is understandable. But fighting won’t solve any problems kids!

I don’t fault anyone in this, I’m not taking a side, I understand Jeff Gordon’s perspective and I understand what Clint Bowyer & his team were feeling.

The best quote to illustrate this comes from Michael Waltrip:

Q: Why did the No. 15 crew react the way they did after the incident?
A: “It’s just boys venting, showing their frustration trying to express their feelings. The men and women that work on these cars have way more invested in what goes on than people realize and people appreciate and when a coward makes a move like that on the race track they just see all their hopes and dreams go up in flames, literally — they’re going to be frustrated.”

Although I’m slightly disappointed it wasn’t Jeff Gordon at the bottom of the pile or being held down in that tool cart. If you look at the video closely you’ll see that Jeff gets pulled away from it all by one of his crew guys. I’m not saying I wanted the guy to be hurt it’s just that it would have been really interesting to see him with a black eye, at least.

And then there was the insanity that was NASCAR not putting out a caution for Danica Patrick’s crash on the second to last lap. Like, what the hell? Seriously? I don’t understand that at all. There should have been a caution. Done.

And THEN! Because Jimmie Johnson’s tire blew up Brad Keselowski left PIR with a very hefty points lead going into Sunday’s final Cup race at Homestead-Miami Speedway.

If Jimmie Johnson wants to win this Championship (but I’m sure he’s totally OK with sitting this one out *nod*) here’s what has to happen:

Keselowski clinches his first NASCAR Sprint Cup championship with a finish of 15th or better; or 16th and at least one lap led; or 17th and the most laps led, even if Johnson wins and leads the most laps.

All other drivers have been eliminated from championship consideration.

Oh! And Kevin Harvick won the race you guys! And cute little Keelan Harvick got to visit Victory Lane with his mommy, DeLana, for the very first time. That was super cute.