All I can say about Jimmie Johnson winning yesterday at Martinsville is this: No. Just, nooooo.

We’ve seen this movie before and I don’t want to see it again. We’ve seen the 4 sequels, too. I’m over it and I want to see something new.

I’ve been reading your comments from the 2012 ‘Fabulous’ Reader Survey (you can still fill it out if you haven’t already!) and someone asked why I don’t cover any of the non-Chase drivers. Well, it’s pretty much because there’s not much going on with them at this point. Right now we’re all fretting over who’s going to win the Championship. Although I would really like to know what the hell happened to Carl Edwards (he still races right??) this year and I would LOVE it if someone not in the Chase won a race. And when it comes to photos I’m currently limited to what I can get from NASCAR, and those tend to skew towards the Chase drivers. But you’ll notice in the gallery that I took some photos of what I could see on TV during the invocation & national anthem. hehe.

In other non-news news…

— I had a totally random thought about how awesome it would be if I could spend the next couple of years blogging about the culture of different professional sports in the same way that I have about NASCAR. I would love to spend time on the AVP Professional Beach Volleyball Tour writing about the players, interviewing them and experiencing all the behind-the-scenes stuff, learning about what their media & fan obligations are like. The same with tennis, surfing, golf, basketball, soccer, hockey, football, etc. No one does that, at least not the way I would do it. But how to make that happen?