I had this weird feeling while watching Brad Keselowski win yesterday’s race at Dover. It felt like the dudes in the booth calling the race weren’t all that excited by Brad’s win. I’m not saying they were rooting against him I just got this general feeling that there wasn’t a sense of “Oooh, this is interesting!” When it IS in fact interesting. It just felt like they didn’t put enough weight on the fact that Brad has the points lead over Jimmie Johnson. I know it’s only 5 points but it’s still the lead. There are 8 races left but I’m going to go ahead and be one of those annoying people that says conspiracy theory things like “If Jimmie won the race they’d all be falling all over themselves to say he was on his way to another Championship.” I don’t WANT to say that but something about yesterday left me flat.

Whatever, I’m super stoked for Brad and I hope he can continue to kick some butt. It’s time for a new name to take the lead. 🙂 So here’s a good (obvious) question: Who are YOU pulling for to win the Championship this year?


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