I’m over Jeff Gordon’s mustache. And apparently the mustache is over itself too because it did NOTHING to help out Ella & Leo’s dad this weekend at Chicagoland Speedway. Just goes to show that you shouldn’t hang your hopes on facial hair. 🙂

Before I say what I’m about to say I should tell you that Jimmie Johnson is OK in my book. He seems like a nice person. He’s obviously a great driver. That being said, I need at least 5 years before I’m willing to accept him winning another Championship. Like, I won’t be able to deal with Champion’s Week if it’s all about Jimmie. Because that’s what Champion’s Week is, one long week devoted to worshiping the Champion, it’s exactly like the coronation of a new king. And if I’m going to be around for that I need the “king” to be someone new, someone that people will have to write completely new speeches for and not dust off the one they used two years ago, changing the number 5 to a number 6.

So I was delighted to watch Brad Keselowski win Sunday’s race. I know it’s just one race, just the beginning, but it’s the best way to start this thing. 🙂

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