IndyCar drivers Ryan Hunter-Reay, who’s happily married to Beccy Gordon Hunter-Reay (Robby Gordon’s sister), and James Hinchcliffe spoke with the media at Sonoma today (the photo above is old, not from today, obviously). When asked about how they spent their recent time off the guys were very entertaining. Especially that Hinchcliffe, he’s a character. πŸ™‚

RYAN – “My wife ran the Pikes Peak Hill Climb. That was one of the most nerve-wracking things I have ever had to do. Sit at the bottom of the hill and watch the car leave…you are like β€˜ok, now I just sit here in the trees and listen and make sure I don’t hear a big sound’. You lose radio communication. Becky did a great job getting up there. It was the only completely stock car in the race, and it was the only stock electric car. So we did that. Then went to New York and did some media and PR stuff. That was a busy day. Got a lot in. Then with this Isaac thing coming, I had to completely hurricane proof my house, even though I had no idea if it was coming. Which is awesome. Spent the whole day. And now its not coming to Florida, so good thing I did that. (Laughs). But now our lawn furniture is all inside, so its nice. Our whole house is filled with lawn furniture.”

JAMES – “You should entertain and have a party. There’s enough places to sit..”

RYAN – “That’s what I was thinking. I would just let people track the house.”

JAMES – “I’ll come by after the race, how’s that? We’ll have a little gathering at your place. I’ll call friends.”

RYAN – “Will you? Let’s do that.”

JAMES – “Yeah, it’s a date.”

RYAN – “Date.”

JAMES – “Which segways nicely into how I actually spent some of my time after Mid-Ohio. I spent a few days with Michael, Marco and Mario (Andretti) in Pennsylvania. A little bit of team bonding, which was a lot of fun. Ryan here, he big-timed us and didn’t show up. He was invited, but…” LAUGHS

RYAN – “I had to go support my wife, and look after my house.”

JAMES – “Details, details. You are focusing on all the wrong points, Ryan.”


JAMES – “It was toing and froing. I wish I had more actual down time that I did with toing and froing to Charlotte for various reasons.”

RYAN – “Toing and froing?” I’ve never heard it used.

JAMES – “Toing and froing. It means going to a place, and then returning from the same place. You should add into your vocabulary. You expand your horizons a little bit Ryan.”


JAMES – “So, housekeeping. I paid a lot of bills, opened a lot of mail. It was very domestic. I did a lot of laundry. It was great. It sounds weird, but it actually nice to have the time to do stuff like that. It is nice to have 48 hours at home to just literally clean my house, pay my bills and stuff.”