As I seem to do every year, I’ve been thinking a lot about the future of this blog. I’ve thought about stopping. I’ve thought about stopping a lot because I feel like I’m not able to give the blog what it needs and that’s more of me at going to races. You know that I want to go to all of them and if I did I’d have enough content satisfy myself and, most importantly, you.

But the likelihood of some wonderful person or company coming aboard to sponsor me so that I can do that — have enough money to live AND travel to all the races — is really low. It’s also not realistic for me to try to squeeze in trips to races that I can’t afford. I can’t choose between paying rent or going to Michigan for a race.

So I’ve decided to take another approach, one that involves adding different content to the site instead of quitting altogether.

One thing I know better than anything else in the world, the one thing I am a complete expert on, is my life. So I’m going to start writing about things like relationships, things I’ve learned, food, entertainment, and anything & everything I’m passionate about. This will all be in addition to writing about NASCAR, any of the races I get to attend, champion’s week, and whatever is going on in that world, as I have for the past 6 years.

Everything will be organized so if you’re not interested in how I’m decorating my new apartment or how the recipe I tried from some magazine turned out, you’ll be able to zero in on just racing content.

But I hope you’ll read everything and I hope that you’ll enjoy it. 🙂

In addition to the content change, I’m going to do a site redesign. I’ve become bored with the current layout, so at some point soon this site will be under construction for a little while and when the new design is up the new content will begin as well. So stay tuned.

Thank you so much for reading The Fast and the Fabulous! 🙂