The theme of 2011 for The Fast and the Fabulous has to be growth. We grew in traffic, content and opportunities. I am so incredibly thankful for everyone that reads this blog and receives any kind of enjoyment from it. You guys are the best! I had a “car thought” the other day (I do some of my best thinking while driving, this is also similar to “shower thoughts”) and I realized that the reason I read celebrity interviews & magazines in general is because I’m trying to learn something about myself or something that I can apply to my life. And I think that that’s something people can do when they read about my experiences at the track. You might find my stories funny but maybe you learn, or reinforce, something you already knew about yourself from one of my stories or from an interview I did with a driver. That’s what I hope, anyway.


It all goes back to one of best pieces of advice my mom gave me when I was in high school, “Read everything, even if it has nothing to do with you.”

The year that was for The Fast and the Fabulous in 2011:

— Race weekend diaries: This year I attended five races, plus Champion’s Week. I met Fake Elvis in Las Vegas, toured Hollywood with Clint Bowyer & ambushed Kasey Kahne for an interview in Fontana, escaped certain death at the hands of Dale Earnhardt Jr. in Sonoma (that might be a slight exaggeration), ate lobster (so good!) in New Hampshire, and made my ovaries mad at me thanks to Tony Stewart in Kansas.

— Interviews: It was another great year of interviews and two of the biggest highlights came from NASCAR wives. I finally posted the interview I did with Jeremy Mayfield’s wife, Shana, from back in 2008. And thanks to Hunt Brothers Pizza I had the pleasure of interviewing Kevin Harvick’s wife, DeLana, at Kansas. I also had a few of “Did that really happen??” moments when I got to talk to Mario Andretti, Jeff Gordon and Dale Earnhardt Jr. Oh! And I was interviewed on Manifold Destiny w/ Mojo Nixon, a show on SiriusXM’s NASCAR channel. That was very, very fun!

— Hottest Driver Tournament: I am SO glad I went through with my idea for a tournament that determines who is the hottest looking driver in NASCAR’s Sprint Cup Series. It was just a lot of fun to see the comments and the thousands of votes roll in each week. Plus it was VERY cool to present Tony Stewart with the very first Hottest Driver “trophy,” a basket of hot sauce (of course!), in Las Vegas. I can’t wait to find out who will win the trophy next year. Stay tuned as voting for the 2012 Hottest NASCAR Driver will begin on January 2nd!!

— Top stories: The most read blog post of 2011 was about Kelley Earnhardt’s wedding, she married racer L.W. Miller III, and you guys were REALLY curious about it.

Here are the rest of the top-5 posts of 2011:
2) shortcuts: kurt busch’s lady friend, walk the golden gate with clint bowyer
3) infineon photo extra: kurt busch’s victory kiss, tony stewart’s legs
4) a nascar wife interview with shana mayfield
5) indycar wags and habs (husbands and boyfriends) walk the red carpet

A few A lot of my favorite things: So there were a bunch of posts that I loved for a variety of reasons but a lot of them I like just because I think what I wrote was funny. If a post makes me laugh then I think I’m doing something right, like that photo of Dale Jr. I also loved contemplating what pit lizards will wear in light of the new garage dress code, defending female NASCAR fans that don’t aspire to be skanks, working a Nirvana song into a post subject line, helping you guys get married at a speedway, my philosophy on silly season, and finally my mantra for 2012.