(Photo by Geoff Burke/Getty Images for NASCAR)I’m sure you’ve already heard about the finalists in this year’s ‘Official Small Business of NASCAR, Courtesy of Office Depot’ sweepstakes, and I’m probably the last person to write about about it, but I had to because their business names got me thinking.

First, when I read the name “Bales Mold Service, Inc.” I thought I would get to share the story of how I went on a date with a guy that had some serious mold allergy issues (we’re talking about an ENTIRE newsstand FULL of issues) and how we couldn’t really go anywhere on our date because everything gave him a reaction, he was so sensitive to ANY kind of mold (we couldn’t go to Starbucks = total deal breaker). Anyway, turns out Bales Mold Service, who will have their logo on the TV panel of Greg Biffle’s No. 16 3M Ford this weekend at Atlanta Motor Speedway, don’t work in THAT kind of mold. Think “mold” as a verb, not something horrible that can ruin ones dating life. Bales Mold Service “represents the cutting edge of engineered coatings and finishes, and continues to be at the forefront of developing technology to service varied industries.” For the record, that guy had other issues outside of his mold affliction, so I’m not bagging on him just because of that. 🙂

On Tony Stewart’s No. 14 Office Depot Chevrolet will be HuckleBerry Pets which makes fashionable & customizable beds for your pets. HuckleBerry Pets “specializes in manufacturing comfortable, stylish and durable pet beds using orthopedic mattresses that help support a pet’s muscles and bone structure” which got me thinking about my mom’s two miniature schnauzers, Spencer & Sullivan (aka Sully), both of whom I love just as much as my mom does. They’re the cutest, sweetest dogs in the WORLD and I started wondering about their beds and if they needed orthopedic mattresses and how would we know if they did??

Anyway, I went to the HuckleBerry Pets website and I think their beds are so adorable and I REALLY want to get one for Spencer & Sully but where would we put it?? If they have their own bed, it stands to reason that they need their own room. This pet bed thing could be a slippery slope if you’re really into spoiling your dog-babies (yes, that’s what I call them). 🙂

Should Tony Stewart win this weekend’s AdvoCare 500 (which he REALLY needs to do if he wants to help his case for The Chase) then HuckleBerry Pets would win $1 million! The same goes for Bales Mold Service should Greg Biffle win the race. Whoever’s driver has the highest finish in Sunday’s race will be named the 2011 “Official Small Business of NASCAR, Courtesy of Office Depot” and receive the use of the “Official Small Business of NASCAR, Courtesy of Office Depot” logo for one year. And just for being a finalist, both businesses will receive a $10,000 small business makeover from Office Depot and a VIP experience this weekend at Atlanta Motor Speedway.

So let’s think REALLY good thoughts for these two small businesses, both run by women I might add, and hope that one of them gets to walk away with one million dollars! 🙂

Credit: Action Sports Photography

Credit: Action Sports Photography