Robert Richardson Jr.Out of all of the drivers that I’ve interviewed and asked about their goals for the year, Robert Richardson Jr. is the ONLY one that included a personal one. “Try to maintain a healthy lifestyle and stay in shape,” said Robert. That’s admirable, and it makes me wonder what personal goals other drivers have for this year. I mean, think about it, as a woman I am CONSTANTLY turning the goals that I have for my personal life over and over in my head (it’s usually something like “Where the hell is he already!?!”). So I wonder what some of those drivers that “have it all” are working towards in their personal lives.

Anywhoo, back to Robert. He drives the No. 23 Wildlife Conservation Society Dodge for R3 Motorsports in the NASCAR Nationwide Series. I spoke with him at Auto Club Speedway earlier this year and he had some pretty interesting responses.

What is your favorite word? I’m pretty religious so I’d probably have to say, “God.” I look up to Him quite a bit.

What is your least favorite word? Any cuss word really, especially if it’s being directed at me. I don’t know, anything negative really.

What turns you on? Well, as far as hobbies & stuff I like to hunt and fish and, obviously, I like to drive racecars. I guess you can say my girlfriend turns me on, I’ll give her a little credit.

What turns you off? Not succeeding and, like I said earlier, anything negative from anybody–whether they’re putting themselves down–I just don’t like to hear that stuff. I always try to keep everybody up beat and positive. I learned that from playing football, playing quarterback, you’re a leader and you just have to keep everybody pumped up when it’s time to go.

What sound or noise do you love? Racecars obviously. I like country music, any kind of music really. I listen to rap, rock & roll, things of that nature.

What sound or noise do you hate? Fingernails on a chalkboard

What is your favorite curse word? Favorite cuss word? I don’t know, I never really thought about that. I’ll swear on occasion. (Me: It could be something you say in place of a curse word) Uhm, “Shit.”

What profession other than your own would you like to attempt? I was an art major in college and photography was my focus, but I was also well-rounded in painting and drawing and things like that. So I might want to pursue that at a later date.

What profession would you not like to do? Probably a police officer or working for the government.

If Heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the Pearly Gates? Come on in!

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