I love a good NASCAR-related commercial. I really do. Those Sponsifier commercials are on point this year. But I was recently asked to help promote TUMS’ new NASCAR campaign that features Michael Waltrip Racing driver David Reutimann and his team owner, Michael Waltrip.

Their new TV commercial features Michael getting beat up by a rib, which is really funny to me and also very disturbing in the same instance. The whole food fighting you concept is both smart and creepy, but mostly smart because it totally plays up the importance of TUMS’ product. Anyway, I can appreciate that.

TUMS has added a new component of their campaign and that’s the following video in which we see a giant hamburger challenge David Reutimann to a duel, of sorts. The cool part is that you get to chose the ending. Does David fight back and take TUMS or not? You decide! 🙂

My favorite part is when Michael Waltrip slowly closes the doors on his hauler. Funny! 🙂

TUMS, Michael and David were on hand at Las Vegas Motor Speedway last Friday and it was fun to hear them talk about their experience in creating the videos, mostly Reutimann cracking up at Waltrip having a remote controlled rib smack him in the face repeatedly.

Be on the lookout for more videos from TUMS on their Facebook page.