On the Road with the Fast and the Fabulous imageI have a very simple idea: Starting with the Daytona 500 in February, I will attend all of the races on the 2011 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series schedule, driving from race to race, living in the infield in an RV or travel trailer. I’ll write about my experiences in this blog, along with the usual photos, interviews, and new features like a “choose my adventure” poll where you guys would get to pick the activity I have to do, something different each month. Oh and ‘Fabulous’ Parties, where you could hang out with me and other NASCAR fans (maybe a driver??), eat (cupcakes!), drink and leave with a goodie bag.

Simple, right? Yes and no. It’s simple in that I love this idea, it’s something that I believe in wholeheartedly. I think it would be a completely life changing experience that would provide tons and tons of great content for you guys to enjoy. It’s simple in the sense that you guys (at least according to my last reader poll) love my at-track write-ups, so I thought “what is the next step?” And the idea above is what I came up with. Plus, I love to drive. I love road trips and the idea of getting to see this amazing country of ours AND write about NASCAR at the same time. It is just too good of an idea to not pursue.

So here’s where it gets complicated. That little thing called money. The issue is that I don’t own an RV and I don’t have a stockpile of cash lying around. Since September I’ve been pursuing sponsors about supporting this project. On the count of 3 yell out a NASCAR sponsor: 1… 2… 3… go! Yea, I sent them a proposal. In addition to contacting those already promoting their services/products within NASCAR I’ve gotten creative and looked outside, to companies that make sense for my audience of mostly women. I’ve had some interest so far but nothing has been nailed down. In comparison to sponsoring race team, it’s an inexpensive alternative that I think can provide a lot of exposure. No one has done this sort thing–in the way that i’m proposing–before.

Which leads me to why I’m writing this post. I am looking for sponsors and an RV or Airstream trailer to borrow for the year, and I want everyone to know it. The sooner I can get this whole thing set for next year, the better. Tell your friends, tell your boss and tell your marketing team. Download the proposal and have them call me or email me.

And even if you don’t know anyone that could be a potential sponsor (or aren’t in the position to be one yourself), lend your support to this idea by leaving a comment on why someone should get on board with The Fast and the Fabulous.