Sprint HTC HeroI feel compelled to share the story of losing my cell phone. Back in December I got a brand new phone. I upgraded my Palm Centro to an HTC Hero. I had my phone for less than a week when I brought it with me down to Los Angeles for Christmas. It was on my way back from La La Land that I accidentally left my HTC Hero in the back of a cab coming from the airport in Oakland.

I immediately called Sprint to report it lost and they quickly suspended service just in case someone tried to make calls on my account. Even though someone called me to say they found my phone I never got it back and had to get a replacement. Luckily, and smartly, when I bought my new phone I also signed up for Sprint’s Total Equipment Protection Plan, for only $7 a month I’m covered against damages and loss or theft. I was able to get a brand new phone, shipped overnight (shipping was free) to me, that was way cheaper than buying a whole new phone all over again.

So the moral of the story is that it pays to protect yourself when you do something really lame like leaving your beloved phone in the back of a random taxi cab. I should also say that I was a Sprint customer long before they sponsored NASCAR, so I’m not sucking up or anything. And the HTC Hero is awesome! I love it ’cause everything is connected and you know I had to download the “Find Starbucks” application. Using GPS it tells you where the closest Starbucks is located. Brilliant! There are way too many awesome features to list here, so check out the HTC website.

In other news…

As I mentioned in one of my tweets last week, I put together a race schedule for myself. These are all of the races that I’m planning on attending this year. I should also say that I’ve got some new content ideas — things I’ve never done before — in mind that I hope to pull off around these race weekends. As always I’m on the lookout for brands, companies, organizations that would be open to sponsoring The Fast and the Fabulous. Just email me if you’re interested.

February 21 – Auto Club 500 at Auto Club Speedway (Fontana, CA)

Feburary 28 – Shelby American at Las Vegas Motor Speedway (Las Vegas, NV)

May 22 – All-Star Race at Charlotte Motor Speedway (Charlotte, NC)

May 30 – Coca-Cola 600 at Charlotte Motor Speedway (Charlotte, NC)

June 20 – Toyota/Save Mart 350 at Infineon Raceway (Sonoma, CA)

July 25 – Brickyard 400 at Indianapolis Motor Speedway (Indianapolis, IN)

September 5 – Labor Day Classic 500 at Atlanta Motor Speedway (Atlanta, GA)

October 10 – Pepsi Max 400 at Auto Club Speedway (Fontana, CA)

November 14 – Phoenix International Raceway (Phoenix, AZ)

If it happens that I can get out to more then I’ll definitely go to them, but this is what I think I can pull off at this point in time. Wish me luck!