The pool of contenders for the best NASCAR commercial of 2009 was pretty small. There weren’t a lot that stood out as particularly funny and that’s why I only have 3 standouts. Perhaps another way the crap economy has affected the sport.

3.) Verizon V Cast Babies — This one is just cute all around. You think the guys are talking about actual cars but it turns out they’ve figured out how to supe up their baby daughter’s walkers.

2.) Tony Stewart School of Endorsements (Burger King) — The ad that launched Estrada Sunglasses! Very, very awesome and definitely the coolest commercial in the bunch. When people see my Estrada sunglasses they’re jealous, as they should be.

1.) Gillette Young Guns — This commercial wins top honors for one reason and one reason only: Kyle Busch on the phone interrupting Clint Bowyer while he delivers his lines. So funny. It, inexplicably, tickles me every time.