2894632804_ecac5c3747_mI’m becoming such a grown-up. Ever since I found out that I was able to attend the Sprint Cup Awards Ceremony I’ve been all over the place. I’ve been excited, anxious, giggly, nervous, and geeked out. But then last week I told myself to just calm the eff down because before I knew it it would all be over and I’d be going home, and I don’t want to rush the whole going home part. So I’m learning to be all relaxed and chill about the upcoming events, but it’s really hard. 🙂

I leave for Vegas tomorrow afternoon, but as far as I’m concerned the trip starts early in the morning when I get my hair done. I’m one of those people that enjoys making the details of getting things together for the trip apart of the trip itself. So getting to find a “black tie” appropriate dress, scheduling my makeup session, finding the right accessories for the dress, and figuring out some questions I might want to ask drivers should I dare ask them, has been so much fun. The fact that just thinking about this stuff makes me happy is awesome.

So here’s the schedule of stuff that I’ll be attending while in Vegas for Champion’s Week. Be sure to follow me on Twitter, or just check back here and read my Tweets to the right in my sidebar for my updates. I’m not bringing my laptop ’cause I’m having enough anxiety about transporting my dress and I don’t need anything else to worry about.


Wednesday, December 2nd

1.) There are two events happening at Las Vegas Motor Speedway that I’m not attending because they’re happening at the same time I’ll be flying to Vegas. There’s the Chasers for Charity Fanfest (gates open at 10am) and then the Chasers for Charity Roast at 2pm where people will be talking smack (I hope) about Jimmie Johnson to his face, but in a really nice way for a good cause. hehe. But seriously, the top 12 drivers will be there mingling with guests. Should be a good time, and it sucks that I’m missing it but I’ll live.

2.) As soon as I get in to Vegas I’ll be running over to the Wynn to pick up my credentials and then get ready for an evening event that’s being held at the Venetian.

Thursday, December 3rd

1.) First thing will be the NASCAR NMPA Myers Brothers Awards luncheon, where drivers that have earned awards will receive them. Dale Earnhardt Jr. better be picking up the 2009 NASCAR® NMPA Chex Most Popular Driver Award, which I think they should just rename to be the Dale Jr. Is The Most Popular Driver Award. Saves time. 🙂

2.) Then it’s on to the Victory Lap on “The Strip.” I cannot wait to see the burnouts!!

3.) NASCAR After The Lap Fan Q&A will take place at the MGM Grand.

4.) The Stewies at the Rio. Tony Stewart will be broadcasting his show live from the Rio and will be giving out awards for the best moments of the racing season.

Friday, December 4th

1.) First, I will call my mother to wish her a happy birthday. She’s the greatest mother on the planet because she completely understands how much getting to go to Champion’s Week means to me and she still loves me. 🙂

2.) Then it’s all about getting ready for the NASCAR Sprint Cup Awards Ceremony! Red carpet arrivals begin at 5:15pm and the event starts at 6pm/PST – 9pm/EST. You can watch it LIVE on SPEED. Check your local listings!