A couple weeks ago I went to Blog World & New Media Expo in Las Vegas. If you’re a blogger, or want to blog about anything, you should go to Blog World. I’ve gone to it every year since it’s inception and I always attend the sports blogging track. This year it was bigger and better as it was hosted by the guys from Blogs With Balls. They brought in heavy hitters from ESPN, Sports Illustrated, D必利勁
and Yahoo! Sports. There were more sports bloggers in the audience than ever before, but that didn’t mean there were more NASCAR or motorsports bloggers. Nope, there was just me.

I have been a sports fan since I was a kid. As I always I say I’m one of the best spectators ever. My mom was responsible for instilling a love of football, baseball and basketball in me. My mom played college basketball for Boston College and my sister got a scholarship to Cal to do track, she was a heptathlete and a basketball player. So I’ve been around sports my entire life. I have a deep respect and admiration for athletes.

But there’s something that bugs me, and it would be the elitism amongst sports fans in general. People look down on NASCAR as if it’s not a real sport. It’s really irritating. It’s a feeling I get from people who don’t watch NASCAR on a regular basis like I do. …