Wrangler_Face_OffFor some reason I’m drawn to this new contest from Wrangler. It could be the promo photo that features Dale Earnhardt Jr. I’m not sure.

Wrangler is searching for a fresh new face who embodies everything that the Wrangler brand is, ya know, things like integrity, authenticity and hotness.

I added that last trait. When you have brand ambassadors like Dale Jr. and Brett Favre, hotness is definitely a factor.

So if you know a guy, or are that guy, that fits the bill submit yourself for a chance to win money and a whole new wardrobe:

The 12-week “Wrangler® Face Off” contest will award a grand prize of $2,500 cash and a new Wrangler® wardrobe to the man the public thinks is an ultimate Wrangler® guy. Eligible fans — men 18 years and older — can enter by uploading a personal photo and answering a short set of questions designed to give contestants the opportunity to prove why they should be named a Wrangler® man.

The profiles will be showcased on the “Wrangler® Face Off” promotion site, where everyone is invited to vote for their top contenders. Each week the man whose profile received the most votes will be named as a Wrangler® guy and will receive a pair of Wrangler® jeans with $100 cash in the back pocket. He will also be featured on the contest site for the following week alongside the current Wrangler men, all-star Wrangler® endorsees Earnhardt Jr. and Favre.

For the females out there you might want to go to the Wrangler® Face Off site just to look at the behind-the-scenes footage of Dale Jr.’s commercials.