— Congratulations go out to Elliott Sadler and his wife Amanda. They announced today that they’re expecting their first child in March.

— I think this list of the top ten NASCAR questions submitted to Ask.com are pretty interesting. It’s fun to see what people are searching for as it relates to NASCAR. This is from the past week:

Top NASCAR Questions on Ask.com
1. How much do NASCAR drivers get paid?
2. Who won the Daytona 500 in 2009?
3. How do NASCAR drivers go to the bathroom?
4. Why was Lake Lloyd built?
5. What does NASCAR stand for?
6. Who won the first Daytona 500?
7. Who is Tony Stewart dating?
8. What do NASCAR drivers wear under their suits?
9. What is the closest finish in Daytona 500 history?
10. Why do they call Tony Stewart “Smoke”?

Tony Stewart, driver/owner at Stewart-Haas Racing, pictured in center in his BURGER KING fire suit, shares some laughs with actor, Erik Estrada (left) and comedian/actor, Carrot Top (right), during a break behind the scenes of Burger King Corp.s ad shoot, The Tony Stewart School of Endorsements.— And speaking of “Smoke” I’m sure by now you’ve seen Tony Stewart’s new Burger King commercials featuring “The Tony Stewart School of Endorsements.” Tony educates fellow celebs Erik Estrada and Carrot Top on the importance of only promoting things you believe in. I love the sunglasses Erik Estrada was trying to push that have his name emblazoned across the front. I really want them, they didn’t seem so bad!

Anywhoo, there will be more commercials, three to be exact; the final one will show Tony’s love for the WHOPPER® being tested by a polygraph machine. So get this, Tony is going to participate in a LIVE polygraph test on October 20th at www.truthabouttony.com. Starting September 28th you can submit and vote on questions to be asked of Tony during his lie detector test. Make ’em good people! 🙂

Tony Stewart, driver/owner at Stewart-Haas Racing, climbs into the hot seat to prove his love for the famous WHOPPER® sandwich in the latest ad campaign for BURGER KING® restaurants. The ad titled, Polygraph Prep, is the last in a series of four ads that begin airing on Sept. 7, 2009. Visit www.bkracing.com for more information on Burger King Corp.s national promotion with Stewart-Haas Racing.

Also, go to bkracing.com for the chance to win a visit to Tony’s race shop.