Gilly's Gang LogoLast week the media was all over the story of TRG Motorsports and their driver David Gilliland. The talk focused on the fact that the single-car team has placed itself in the top-35 in owner’s points, despite being a brand new team and not having sponsorship. It’s great that their story has been picked up. As you know I’m a David Gilliland fan and I was very sad to learn that he wasn’t going to be with Yates Racing anymore.

To see the success that David is having with TRG is awesome and I sincerely hope that it continues because NASCAR needs stories like theirs and that’s the bottom line.

So there’s another wrinkle to the TRG/Gilliland story, one that I don’t think anyone in the mainstream media has really picked up on.

David Gilliland’s fans refer to themselves as Gilly’s Gang and they are a seriously loyal group of individuals. In an attempt to help the No. 71 succeed and to just contribute to the team in a meaningful way they asked TRG Motorsports if there was a way for them to do just that. TRG responded positively and is allowing Gilly’s Gang to have their decal (as seen at the top-left of this post) on the rear deck lid, or the wing mounts on the No. 71 Chevrolet for each race for however much money they can raise. The Gilly’s Gang decal made its debut at Martinsville this past Sunday.

So what this means is that a space that would have gone empty otherwise is now graced with a TRUE symbol of fan support and the team is receiving money to stay in business. What this also means is that you, me and anyone else have the opportunity to sponsor a NASCAR Sprint Cup team. How cool is that? There’s no limit to the amount of money you can contribute, from a little to a lot, anything is great.

To find out all of the pertinent details, go to the Fan Circuit or email me and I’ll forward you the information you’ll need in order to contribute (I don’t want the organizer to get a bunch of spam). Funds are being securely collected via PayPal.

Your 10 or 20 bucks can contribute to keeping a Cinderella story alive. Please tell me in what other professional sport can one fan have that much impact? Is this not the coolest thing ever? 🙂

Even if you can’t contribute money you can still head over to the Fan Circuit and let them know you believe in what they’re doing.