Well all know that Kevin Harvick hates engine gunk but there’s one thing he probably hates more: losing.

In this sneak peak of his new commercial for Shell’s Nitrogen Enriched Gasoline, which premieres this Sunday during the Sprint Cup race at Bristol, Harvick duels one of the Shell Passionate Experts and attempts to be quick on the draw.

I have to say that these Shell commercials have been getting to me. I never thought about engine gunk until they kept bringing it up (and showed it to me) and now I find myself always sort of opting for Shell gas stations even if the station across the street is a couple cents cheaper. Hmm. Maybe I’m just falling for good advertising but I like feeling hopeful about the stuff I’m putting into my car. If anything I’m just being a loyal NASCAR fan.


I have a bunch more stuff to say and to share with you, but it’s been tough lately to carve out enough time to sit down and write it all out. Here’s hoping I can get it done tomorrow.