Tonight is supposed to be the premiere of NASCAR Wives a new reality show on TLC starring Delana Harvick, Shana Mayfield, Angie Skinner and Kelley Earnhardt. The one-hour special will air at 10PM EST, following the completely pointless 2009 Miss America Pageant. NASCAR Wives will return as a series to TLC in late Spring 2009. I say “supposed to” because when I look at the TV listings in my area I see no mention of NASCAR Wives. Whatever, I’m sure it’ll come on eventually.

So here’s why I’m talking about this, my awesome friend, and former colleague, Susan Young is a freelance TV writer for publications like People magazine and You should check out her blog SueTube, too. Sue had the opportunity to interview some of the NASCAR Wives and asked me if I had any questions I’d want her to ask them.

My favorite thing to ask people is if they Google themselves and go online in general to see what people are saying about them. Here’s the what the ladies had to say:

QUESTION: There’s been so much interest in NASCAR wives, like, online. Do you ever Google yourself and read all those rumors that are going on about you?

KELLEY EARNHARDT: You learn not to Google yourself.

SHANA MAYFIELD: I have and I quit pretty fast.

QUESTION: What’s the most outrageous thing you’ve read on there?

SHANA MAYFIELD: Well, the funniest thing was, you know, I gained a little weight which was — you know, happens. I got an email from one of the sites that I was pregnant and when am I due. So I quit that real fast. You just kind of laugh at it. At least you’re
getting some kind of response and people are acknowledging that you’re around, so –

QUESTION: And do you have any NASCAR sites that you like going to?

ANGIE SKINNER: I mean, you know, I think the big joke with us is when you want to know what the rumor is about your husband or their race team, you go to It’s kind of like the rumor mill. Sometimes it’s got what’s really happening. But those are probably the two sites that most people go to for