Do you hear that noise? It’s the sound of a big creaking door shutting out my heart. Okay, I’m being a little bit dramatic but sometimes you have to be in order to drive a point home. I think I can honestly say without a doubt I would rather be in Phoenix at this moment, more than anywhere else in the world. If I think about everything that I’m missing… Well it just sucks.

Anyway, I caught the Nationwide Series coverage on TV today and I’m against Carl Edwards winning the Nationwide Series Championship, but I’m totally for him winning the Sprint Cup Championship. Why? Because he won the Nationwide Series Championship last year and I really want it to be Clint Bowyer’s year this time around. We already know how I feel about Jimmie Johnson winning the Sprint Cup for the third straight year, so there ya go.

It’s great that the points have been tightened up between Clint and Carl going into Homestead next weekend, but I’m really pulling for Clint to stay on top.

Oh! One thing about the ESPN coverage today, why is it that it always seems like Ray Evernham is seated just a little bit too far away from Rusty Wallace and Brad Daugherty? It just seems like there’s this big gap, he’s too far to the right. I’m always wishing he’d just scootch over a little bit. 🙂

In other news…

Gartner Invitations from Office Depot— This is really what you’re reading this post for isn’t it? You want to see what Carl Edwards’ wedding invitations are going to look like. Well you don’t get to see the finished product but you can see that paper they’ll be printed on at least. In a gracious gesture to stay true to his current sponsor Carl and his fiancée Dr. Kate Downey have chosen their wedding invitation stationery from their local Office Depot store. The couple is planning to wed in January.